Camping in Portugal: What to Bring

Portugal Camping Trip

October 2014

We are getting excited for our Portugal camping getaway in only three days! We decided to go through our camping equipment today to be sure we have everything we need for four sunny days in Algarve!

Here is a rough packing list:

The basics:

  • Hilleberg Anjan 3 and footprint
  • Exped Sinmat 7 and pillow pump
  • MontBell Down Hugger #5
  • LuminAid solar powered light
  • PETZL Headlamp

Cookware: Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter, MSR Whisperlite International, 2 Lightweight cooking pots, 2 plastic bowls (they came with the pots) a plastic fork/knife/spoon combo, biodegradable soap, a dish sponge (cut in half), biodegradable doggie bags for garbage

Hygiene Products: Toothbrush and paste, bug spray, antibacterial hand soap, sun screen, deodorant, microfiber towel (we use one large and one small towel each) and of course, biodegradable toilet paper.

*Additional Hygiene Products: Dry hair shampoo, facial cleansing wipes, lotion, contact lens solution, antibacterial wipes

Emergency Kit: Maxpedition bag, Bandaids, antibacterial wipes, gauze, glowstick, emergency blanket, aspirin, antacids, safety pin, doggie bags (for garbage, staking out your tent in sand or snow and anything else you can think of), hand warmers, aloe-vera gel, water purification tabs, lighter wrapped in duct tape, candy chews and matches

The little extras: Anker solar charger, charging cables, Ipod, speakers, camera, phone, book, journal, dice, cards, oneglass wine for a romantic night on the beach, sunglasses, compressible tote for daytrips in the city, waterproof stuff sack for clothes, collapsible cooler, umbrella

Camping portugal


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