Studying in Austria

It took a lot of time and effort to jump through all of the hoops to go to school in Austria, but it was definitely all worth it! I thought I could try to make it a little easier for someone else, so here are all the links/requirements to attend College/University in Austria!

Cost of School:

When I started at a University here in Austria tuition was only 364 Euro a semester, that price doubled after my second semester to 730 Euro but hey, it’s still a fraction of the price than in the US!

Required Visa:

I applied for the “Aufenthaltsbewilligung” Visa (and later went on to get my Rot-Weiss-Rot Karte and now I am applying for my Rot-Weiss-Rot Plus Karte!)

It can be a little tricky to get started, here is what you need:

  • Fully completed application for your respective visa (e.g., Aufenthaltsbewilligung)
  • Passport (and copy)
  • Passport sized colored photo (they don’t like it if you are smiling!)
  • Birth Certificate (notarized via Apostille) and a copy
  • Certificate of good conduct (notarized via Apostille) you can get this from your local police station and mail it in to have it notarized
  • Diploma (notarized via Apostille) and a copy
  • A High School Diploma is required for a Bachelors Degree, a Bachelors Diploma is required for a Masters Degree (there are more Masters programs in English than Bachelors)
  • Transcript (notarized via Apostille) and a copy
  • Proof of accommodation (e.g., apartment, house, dorm etc.) in Austria
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Sufficient German knowledge (this isn’t necessary for a program entirely in English)
  • Sufficient English knowledge (necessary for programs held in English, if you graduated from an English speaking College/University you do not need to take the test)
  • Application for admission (to your chosen University)
  • Registration Form (for your chosen University)
  • Bank receipt showing payment of tuition fees (to your chosen University – once accepted)
  • Bank statement showing proof of income (necessary for the Aufenthaltstitel) for those under 24 years of age it’s 474 Euro, those over 24 years old it’s 858 Euro per month (this can come from a family member, savings account etc.)

The fee for applying for an Aufenthaltstitel is 120 Euro

Aufenthaltsbewilligung Application Form Link (only available in German):


  • Co-Insurance (insurance with your parents – if you are under 27 years old this is accepted)
  • Student Insurance (this is what I purchased in Austria for about 53 Euro per month)

Other helpful hints, items and tools:

After you arrive in Austria:

After you arrive it’s mandatory to register with the municipal authorities (Gemeindeamt, Magistratisches Bezirksamt) within three days of entering the country. You can use a Meldezettel, which you can pick up from the registration office in your town or you can download it off the Internet. Your landlord must fill this out.

To work in Austria you need a work permit, this can be applied for via the AMS and should be obtained by your respective employer. This is only available for students in a Bachelors or Diploma program and is only valid for up to 10 hours of work per week. This limit is raised as you continue into your second semester of your Master or Diploma program.

On a side note:

I also brought my little doggy with me from the States, this was as much effort as getting myself over there, numerous vaccinations (within 5 days of your entry to the country) and they all need to be notarized via an Apostille as well! So I had to overnight all the vaccination documents to the only Apostille in the state. Iceland Air is the best for traveling with a furry friend. Be sure to freeze some water in a water bowl so your buddy will have fresh water for longer. I also taped some treats to the top of her kennel with a note asking anyone to give her a few and it worked! As I was waiting in line to get on the plane in Reykjavik I saw two Iceland Air workers giving my pup some much needed love and goodies 🙂 I also taped pee pads under her pillow … just in case

In the end I landed in Munich, had all of her documents with me and nobody checked them… It cost approximately $500 and a lot of effort but at least she made it!


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